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  • First encounter

    At your first App opening you will be presented with different possibilities

    The initial page features the registration/login links and two additional service buttons
    Lost & Found
    Allows to contact the owner of the case by providing him a geolocalization and a message from the finder of the misplaced case.
    Case Unlock
    If you have shipped the case this button allows the consignee of the case to reveive the unlocking codes remotely.

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  • How to register

    Insert email and allow the mobile to read NFC signals

  • Associate your first case

    Place the mobile on the NFC tag of your case, the tag is usually located under the name label.

    Note: the position of the NFC antenna is variable according to the brand and the model of your device, be sure to place your reader as closer as possible to the case NFC tag.
    After this step you will receive an email with the password associated to your email address.You can change your password in any moment after the access to the App.

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You are all set!
Check your email to activate your profile

After your first access you will be invited to complete your registration adding additional information that will allow the App to serve you better. Refer to our complete user manual for more details on App use.