Intelli Respond
  • Connect one or more cases to your smartphone

    Intellirespond is the mobile application of GT Line that allows the web connection of GTLine and Explorer cases by NFC technology.Through a simple contact between the mobile and the case IR App recognizes the case itself and univocally associates it with the user.

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  • Manage.
    Your precious items are thoroughly in good hands

    Manage your cases and related content by registering them in your reserved area. Store safely every information about your case padlock codes, safe seals associated, proof of purchase documents, etc.

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  • Organize.
    Set a database of multiple kits for your cases

    Items, materials, documents, can be added in your kit manager to help you verify everything in the right place.

  • Team.
    Track and Record

    Track and record your and your team's activity.
    Take advantage of a centralized control place.

    *Go Work and MyFleet Manager are additional features that will be available soon for a fee.

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  • Activities and Alerts

    Intelli Respond App provides and archives notifications about all your activities in a centralized database for easy access and consultation

  • My Service is your dedicated Customer Service area, the remote assistance managed in an advanced Ticketing System.

    Our top-notch support will reply to your request within 48 hours (excluding public holidays).

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